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    After three long years had passed, Robert was in the 3rd grade and would seldom play his 32 key Casio keyboard, due to numerous activities he was involved in. Among these activities was Robertís involvement in his schoolís musical band. He had an inspiring taste for playing the trumpet, so his loving mother encouraged his passion and purchased him a trumpet. After Robert received his trumpet he began to practice regularly experiencing the beauty the trumpet could produce.

    Robert continued in 1997 to play the trumpet in his elementary school band, but his passion for it was slowly dissolving. In the same year, for Christmas, Robert received many wonderful gifts from his mother, and his step father, Charles Willams. Out of the large portion of gifts received, there was one primary gift that lit up Robertís eyes that Christmas day. Surprisingly lying in Robertís room was a 61 key Casio electric keyboard with a stand and a rest stool. Right away, Robert set onto the stool, and began to play his hand full of favorite Christmas melodies and the one and only ďLean On MeĒ song. With the ongoing encouragement and enjoyment of his loving parents, Robert continued to play on his new 61 Key Casio keyboard all morning long. Throughout the rest of his Christmas break, he would play and discover new Christmas songs by remembering the tune within his mind, and repeatedly striking different keys on his keyboard until he could memorize and play the song entirely.

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