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    Robert Smith, born in the heart of February on the 16th of 1988, discovered throughout his life many hidden talents within himself. One of the most revealing of those talents was his overwhelming love for playing the piano.

    Robert Smith’s ambition to play such wonderful piano music has amazingly been developed from one small, but special, Christmas gift. At the age of 5 in 1993, his mother, Linda Chumley, gave him a 32 key Casio electric keyboard. Robert never knew that small simple gift would end up being a linkage to his overall love for piano.

    He rarely used his 32 key Casio keyboard his first years while in his possession. However, when he did, he started to realize he could play simple tunes and music by ear. One of his first songs he tried to play by ear was the famous “Lean On Me” song directed by John G. Avildsen. Robert never mastered the entire musical piece, but at such a young age he did manage to play the introduction part single right handedly that a normal individual could recognize. Robert at that time still considered his keyboard as simply another “play toy” he could pick up and play whenever boredom had set forth.

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